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How to Catch Bass Like a Pro in the Fall


The fall is a great time for fishing. Not only can you enjoy the beauty of the fallen leaves that surround you, but the fall is also one of the best times of the year to catch bass. The fall is such a great time of the year to catch bass because once the water starts to cool, it causes the bass to be more active, which in turn will make them have to feed more often. At Angler's Habitat, we are dedicated to not only providing you with high quality custom fly rod building kits, but we also want to help you to be a successful fisherman! That is why we have come up with these tips for catching fall bass like a pro: 

  • Fish in shallow water- When the temperature in the water starts to get to around 50 degrees, you should start fishing in the shallow water. That is where the bigger bass like to hang out.
  • Know where the shad is- During the fall, a bass' primary goal is to fatten itself up for the long winter ahead. Bass will feed on many things, but there is one thing that they are after above all else --shad. Shad can be most commonly found upstream or in small bays (usually over dying vegetation). When you fish where the schooling shad are, you are more likely to catch a bass. 
  • Go fishing at sunrise and sunset- Bass love to feed when the sun is low, so the best time of the day to catch bass is either in the early morning when the sun is rising or late in the evening. If it is cloudy out, you might be able to catch bass in the afternoon as well.